Size Chart

Ring Size Guide

Ideally, the most accurate way to measure your ring size is to get your finger professionally sized by a jeweller. However, that option is not always available to everyone.

The next accurate way is to find a ring that you already have that fits you perfectly. Simply measure the Inside Diameter of the ring with a ruler in mm and find your measurement in the chart below to determine your corresponding ring size. 


What If I Don't Own A Ring Yet? 

Another effective way is to use a piece of string/ribbon.

  1. Cut a small piece of string or ribbon 
  2. Wrap it snugly around your finger just below your knuckle
  3. Mark where the string meets with a pen and measure the length with a ruler
  4. Compare against the Finger Circumference column in our sizing chart to find your size.

* Measure when your hands are warm. Cold hands are slightly smaller and it will not give an accurate reading. 

* Be careful not to wrap too tight or too loose and try to ensure a snug fit.


Try both methods if you can to make sure. We hope you love your new ring!